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Geneva, May 18th 2021
Covantis Transformational Blockchain Platform expands its network

Earlier in the year Covantis SA announced the launch of its transformational Blockchain platform for post-trade agri commodities execution. Today the company is pleased to announce the expansion of its network of participating companies which now includes 18 companies – major importers and exporters of agricultural commodities such as ADM, ALZ, Amaggi, Bunge, Cargill, CHS, Coamo, COFCO, C&D, Enerfo, Gavilon, Louis Dreyfus Company, Marubeni, Nova Agri, Olam International, Viterra and Zen-Noh Grain. This expansion enables majority of the exported bulk cargoes of corn and soybeans to be executed in one platform, thus optimising the execution process by more efficiently connecting the market participants. Covantis network has now over 500 users and 50 legal entities from all over the world. 

The platform’s initial scope covers the shipment and execution of bulk commodities such as corn and soybeans from Brazil to any worldwide destination. Covantis will continue to invest in building new capabilities that increase value for its clients from origin to destination, thus creating a global network for efficient execution of bulk commodities.
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Covantis is a technology company focused on digitizing international trade. We’re committed to making global trade simple, secure, and efficient, and we aim to bring efficiencies and cost savings to companies throughout the international supply chain.

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